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If you enjoyed The Wire, underground jazz and funk musicians  (are there any other kind?), or mocking journalists who badly misidentify black celebrities, then you lost a friend and cohort in David Mills. Mills, a one-time Washington Post music critic who went on to an Emmy-winning career as a TV writer and producer, died Tuesday Read More

In this Jin-centric episode we finally got back a bit to that old feeling Lost used to engender: suspense, intrigue and delightful confusion. We finally get to see Widmore back on the island, making some sort of move. We have people getting shot at by marauders in the dark, weird rooms from the Dharma initiative Read More

By now you’ve probably read Jill Scott‘s comments in Essence on the ‘wince’ she feels when she sees black men married to white women. She didn’t say anything most of us hadn’t heard before, and the conversation went the way these things tend to go. But I wanted to point to some of the reactions Read More

http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/ / CC BY-SA 2.0 Every yuppie knows the mural in all of the Barnes & Noble stores; it’s a wall of Anglo authors (and of some random nigga smoking a pipe that looks like the smallest possible saxophone) sitting, looking pensive, unkempt but well dressed. I, too, could become a great writer by drinking Read More

Let it be said that Badu can do no wrong in my eyes. She is my spirit guide. Let it also be said that I love this video. It’s over the top, sure, and a little corny, but so is Erykah. I mean, she has a 10-minute song that takes me through every single emotion Read More

cross-posted from TAPPED. Bart Stupak is among the Democratic representatives who are reportedly receiving threats in the wake of the health-care bill’s passage, some from anti-abortion groups he says he believes are from outside his district. Stupak says his offices have been overwhelmed by phone calls, most of them from outside his congressional district, and Read More

In a country deeply divided along partisan, socioeconomic and racial lines, we should find time this weekend to focus on the things that keep us apart. Health care reform. Abortion rights. Marriage equality. Whether or not our president is truly The Antichrist. Lady Gaga vs. Beyonce. Richard Hamilton. Drake vs. writer’s block. Should a grown Read More

Richard Hamilton. I hesitate to even go into it at this point because it’s too easy. This post is probably a few years late. Of course I hate Rip now. We’re 20 games under .500 and headed straight for the lottery. He’s old and overpaid and well past the modest prime he achieved following the Read More