Spending Currency You Didn’t Earn.

So, SNL seems to be getting better. And the last episode had some generally pretty funny moments, though I had mixed feelings about this blaxploitation skit featuring Nicki Minaj.

For those who can’t watch it, this gist of the clip is this: Minaj is the bride of Frankenstein’s monster, in a blaxploitation film that’s [...]

How to Be Black.

Madison Moore at Thought Catalog offers some pro tips:

Struggle with the stereotype that all black people have huge breasts, a huge ass, a huge cock, and/or huge lips. Figure out early on that non-black people only want to sleep with you because they think being black means you have something enormous to offer. Websites [...]

Money x Money = Problems x Problems

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A recent (well, maybe not in internet years) episode of Planet Money returned to Haiti, where they’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the economics of the country post-earthquake and investigating how much NGOs are hurting or helping the recovery there.

In a previous podcast, they had visited a [...]

Hobbits Are White, But Should We Pretend Otherwise?

Dodai Stewart asks whether the casting agents for the upcoming film adaptation of The Hobbit are racist because they turned away a dark-skinned woman seeking an extra role as a hobbit. The agents’ reasoning is that hobbits are fair-skinned. The woman who got turned away says it’s racism. Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings [...]

Against a Buffy Reboot.

The LAT has a post up about the writer of the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer film reboot, Whit Anderson. The film is set to proceed without BTVS creator Joss Whedon, and Anderson calls on feminism to explain why she loves the character:

“I didn’t really watch much television at all, but I [...]

Black Boys, the Achievement Gap and ‘Bargain’ Educations

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Kristina Rizga at Mother Jones writes about a new report that concludes that middle class black boys still perform worse than their white counterparts, and that “race still matters,” even for the nonpoor. According to the study:

[...]black boys face more obstacles to graduating high school [...]

More on Dress Codes, Mean Girls, and Morehouse Men.

I’ve a piece in The Root about the Morehouse dress code and Aliya S. King’s Vibe article. As I’ve indicated before, I’m squarely in the camp of people who believe that expressions of gender identity are far more fluid than what one wears or how one behaves. But I dug a little deeper and talked [...]

Gender-Bending at Morehouse College.

Last year, I wrote about a dress code Morehouse attempted to enforce that banned naughty t-shirts, jeans at fancy events, and “clothing associated with women’s garb (for example, dresses, tunics, purses, handbags, pumps, wigs, make-up, etc.).” Aliya S. King’s recent story for Vibe picks up where my annoyance left off, and she speaks to several [...]