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Last week, the New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley praised Shonda Rhimes for taking ownership of the often demeaning “Angry Black Woman” label. “Ms. Rhimes has embraced the trite but persistent caricature of the Angry Black Woman, recast it in her own image and made it enviable,” Stanley wrote. “She has almost single-handedly trampled a taboo Read More

  The Scandal season finale is upon us! But it’s been a particularly rocky road to this end, right? There have been many musings on how Season 3 has been uneven and even suggestions on what could be done to salvage improve the series before it returns next fall. It’s good that we’re all engaging Read More

So we’ve been slacking on our recaps, but we’re back on it tomorrow. In the interim, here’s Kid Fury giving voice to the feeling that so many of us have been harboring for the last season and a half. Namely: WTF, Liv? (Oh, yeah. If your job isn’t the type of place amenable to F-bombs, Read More

Stacia, When we last left Olivia Pope and the “parade of monsters,” as my play-cousin Linda Holmes calls them, the putative queen of the fixers had just been outed as the President’s mistress. Blowing up the secret of Liv and Fitz’s not-terribly-secret relationship —  the central tension of the show, really — is some ballsy-stakes-raising. Another Read More

Verna likes to watch. Stacia, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Last week, a commenter suggested that I was getting some details  twisted when I called the whiny, impulsive, emotionally stunted, and violent “Fitz vaguely serial killer-y.” “Um, as far as I know, Fitz hasn’t killed anyone.” But it looks like we just give him a little time. Because while Read More

Rally O! Sorry we’ve been slacking on our recappin’! It won’t happen no more. (Previously.)  Stacia, One of the problems I’ve had watching Scandal over these many months is that the show seems to be dead-set on giving you anyone to root for. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily; even the most sympathetic characters on The Read More

During last week’s ‘Scandal’ recap, I expressed annoyance with Olivia’s likening her relationship to Fitz to that of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings — and the adamant Twitter cosigning of that janky-ass analogy. But if you want to understand how vastly different these two situations are, try thinking up a label for the relationship between Read More