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Sophina DeJesus just broke the Internet: Her tumbling runs were spot on, but the moments in between are the main reason a Facebook videoof her routine has been shared more than 400,000 times. DeJesus set aside those normally staid moments in between the tumbling to whip, nae nae, hit the quan and perform other hip-hop Read More

There was  a stretch there from the early ’90s to the mid-aughts where Missy Elliot’s fingerprints were on everything that came out of your speakers, to the point that you could almost take her ear for [fire emoji] hooks and her singular oddball vision for granted. Then she went away on an extended (and well-earned) Read More

Thought my Hamilton spiral was over, my thirst slaked. Then this damn cast does a cipher (LMM: ‘Hamilton’ is a monument to hip-hop/mix ’em up a big pot/Raekwon, Doc Dre, Em, Jay, Black Thought/mix ’em up in a big wok/Woo! I better back up that big talk…) and they bring out my favorite fucking MC? Read More

After reading the homie Frannie Kelley’s glowing review of the original cast soundtrack for Hamilton, the much-hyped hip-hop-meets-American-history musical by the newly minted genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, I decided to give it a listen. Sigh. So over the last few days, I have been banging this in the crib loudly — like, really, really loudly — and Read More

So this post got me thinking about the peculiarities of Rosie’s fame. She was, quite literally, the opening number in one of America’s all-time-great movies. She was the brains behind the Fly Girls. She was — is – a sex symbol. She’s been ubiquitious and beloved and an avatar of legitimacy even though she’s never exactly been Read More