“Maybe we should let Desiigner cook???” wondered The Ringer’s Micah Peters, with some surprise. Indeed. Maybe we should.

The high court opted not to kill affirmative action — this time. Who knows how long this reprieve might last.

Our second annual Valentine’s Day episode! Ko and Gene hear stories of a woman who survives a disastrous Tinder date with a superstar athlete, a young man whose shoe fails him at inopportune time, and woman who finds exactly the man of her dreams, thanks to a fortune-teller. (Sorta.) Some salty language.

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I headed down to Charleston over the holiday break just to get away for a bit. The houses downtown were old and huge and stunning, the former mansions of statesmen and powerful merchants.  My girlfriend and I stayed in an inn on a sprawling plot of land on the edge of the city that spent the first Read More

G.D. and Terryn discuss his recent reporting for NPR’s Code Switch on the Confederate flag — the black folks who side-eye the flag but don’t really care too much and the white folks who make the argument that the flag is about heritage. Terryn breaks down what well-meaning Northerners (like G.D.) don’t get about the South. She also Read More

G.D. went home to Philly last week to try and fill in some blanks in my understanding of the police bombing of Osage Avenue back in 1985.