Random Midday Hotness: A Pep Talk From Kid President.

Your pint-sized commander-in-chief reminds you to be awesome. [...]

Confession: I Didn’t Vote on Tuesday.

Confession: I didn’t vote on Tuesday. [...]

Community: Season 1, Ep. 5 and Ep. 6 – ‘Advanced Criminal Law’ and ‘Football, Feminism and You.’

In both of these episodes, the show is still largely making fun of Greendale and, through it, it’s own central conceit. “What happens when a whacky bunch of kids gets together at a rundown community college . . .?” Later on, Community will start to take on television and movies more broadly, but in the [...]

Satan Worshippers.

The West Memphis Three — three young men convicted of murdering and mutilating three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993 — were released today after they struck a deal with a judge that allowed them to maintain their innocence. The case came on the national radar after a couple of documentaries questioned their [...]

PostBourgie Podcast #19: Beats, Rhymes & Life.

This week, G.D. and Joel are joined by the always-insightful Jay Smooth of IllDoctrine, Donwill of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group Tanya Morgan, and Wyatt Cenac of “The Daily Show,” to talk about Michael Rapaport’s documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, “Beats Rhymes and Life.” You’ll also learn about Wyatt’s secret crooner past and [...]

Sexism, What About the Children?! Edition.

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LZ Granderson used his weekly column at CNN.com yesterday to bury the otherwise unobjectionable objection to over-sexualizing young girls in reductive language that will do more harm than good. In fairness, he likely didn’t write the deplorable headline: “Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps.” (Next up [...]

White People Have Gotten Less Crazy.

(Cross-posted from TAPPED) Chris Rock puts our “progress” as a country into proper perspective. Via Sociological Images

The Fluidity of Race.

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Elahe Izadi at DCentric points to a post by Matt Yglesias about that profile of him and other bloggers in The New York Times a few weeks back:

When the New York Times recently did a piece on me, Ezra Klein, Brian Beutler, and Dave Weigel exactly zero people [...]