Sorry, Joel, but… I mean, was Kingdom Come the worst major rap release of the aughts? No, because L.A.X. was the worst major rap release of the aughts. Is “Young Forever” the worst track ever rapped/sung/produced? No, but it’s somewhere in the bottom fifty, wedged between “Fast Lane” and a latter-day Canibus track. But who Read More

http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorow/ / CC BY-SA 2.0 Every yuppie knows the mural in all of the Barnes & Noble stores; it’s a wall of Anglo authors (and of some random nigga smoking a pipe that looks like the smallest possible saxophone) sitting, looking pensive, unkempt but well dressed. I, too, could become a great writer by drinking Read More

“I just don’t think it makes much sense,” he shrugged. “His college is paid for; he can go anywhere he wants to go, anywhere in the state. I’m not dishing out forty-two thousand dollars so that–” “It’s not going to cost him forty-two thousand dollars! It’s not going to cost you anything. He’s paying for Read More

Brother Serwer has already weighed in on the New York Times‘ non-story about Gov. Paterson and political aide David Johnson. For those keeping score in the war of old media versus new, it’s worth noting that the New York Times wasn’t hyping this story as the imminent collapse of David Paterson’s career; the blogosphere was. Read More

First, I should shout-out the dude on Urban Dictionary who already said this better than I can: One of the greatest Mc’s of all time. I dont know what you fuckers are talkin about. You think you’re funny with your little acting jokes, but the truth is, if his acting were half as good as Read More

Like many black people, I grew up grinning at punchlines from black comedians about how creatively they beat their kids. I also grew up with a mom who, like many black moms, kept a mean set of belts hanging on the wall beside her bedroom closet. I basically understand Alisa’s point here: In urban environments Read More