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About seven months ago, I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun. Primarily, it was the fictional story of how wealthy Nigerian twin sisters and their lovers (one Nigerian, one White) dealt with the harrowing effects of the Biafran-Nigerian War (1967-1970). Before reading the novel, I knew nothing about this conflict or how Read More

If you think about it, it was bound to happen eventually. Thanks to the wonder that is the internet there is finally a solution to a seemingly intractable dilemma: should you a) immerse yourself in hardcore online gaming  or b) have a sex life? Now thanks to GameCrush, a newly launched social site you can Read More

The year is 1867 and Nestor Carbonell (not pictured above) is ready to show us that he’s a better actor than two-thirds of this cast. Usually, episodes written almost entirely as flashbacks really annoy me, as I’m often anxious about what’s going on in “Island-time.” But this Richard-centric episode wasn’t so bad, mostly because his Read More

*What the new health care law does right away,  and how it addresses income inequality. (Here’s a calculator to see how it affects you, specifically.) Insurers will probably still try to raise premiums. Republicans said they’d run on repealing the healthcare law, but some of them are getting skittish. Democrats go on the offensive. Jonathan Chait ethers Read More

Jamelle more or less called this awhile back, but damn. This ain’t take long. Via USA Today via PlumLine: WASHINGTON — Americans by 9 percentage points have a favorable view of the health care overhaul that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, a notable turnaround from surveys before the vote Read More

After months of predicting that HCR was going to fail, Megan McArdle now says its passage augurs horrible things for the future of the American political process. (A more humble person would just stop predicting things, but this is McArdle we’re talking about.) Regardless of what you think about health care, tomorrow we wake up Read More

We’ll preface this as we do most of our write-ups on Tyler Perry: we, here at PostBourgie, are not blind TP haters. We have never claimed that he’s “setting the race back” or “cooning.” We don’t think he’s an unabashed embarrassment to Black people. So we hope comments on this piece won’t reflect those kinds Read More

So you may have heard: after eluding progressive presidents and lawmakers for nearly a century, House Democrats finally approved sweeping legislaton that would bring  America to near-universal health insurance coverage. The bill nearly died several times in the interminable debate, with interventions from President Obama and deft maneuvering by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (props due) keeping it alive. No matter Read More

As mentioned earlier this week, one of our own is embarking on a lifetime of marital bliss this weekend–and because we believe in doin’ it up big here at PB, when it comes to celebrating our own, we’re devoting this Friday’s Random Ten to wedding songs in blackink12’s honor. Below, you’ll find an amalgam of Read More

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