PostBourgie: The Podcast #13: Mega-Genius of All Times!

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the failed repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the way race informs who does what in football, and Kanye West‘s latest (and his general Kanye-ness).

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PostBourgie: The Podcast #13: Kanye West: Mega-Genius of All Times! DADT Repeal Not Dead, Just [...]

Kinda Like a Big Deal: Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization.

It took a lame duck session and some nasty compromises to do it, but the House finally passed S. 3307, the Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill, which is aimed at feeding more children in school (and making that food more nutritious). The Senate version differs significantly from the (better) House version of the [...]

Postbourgie Podcast #12: Black Boy Blues.

On this week’s podcast, Nicole, Jamelle, Monica and G.D. sit around an actual dinner table to discuss some depressing new stats about the academic woes of black boys. They also try to make sense of some high-profile attempts to regulate food purchases (including a push to forbade people on government assistance from buying soda, [...]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

The USDA’s Economic Research Service put out its latest figures for food insecurity hunger in the U.S. yesterday. From the press release:

In more than a third of those households that reported difficulty in providing enough food, at least one member did not get enough to eat at some time during the year and normal [...]

Banning Soda.

New York City has asked the USDA if it can ban the purchase of soda for people participating in SNAP (the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program, better known as food stamps). Here’s an editorial by Thomas Farley and Richard F. Daines, the New York City and New York state health commissioners, respectively (emphasis added):

This policy [...]

Postbourgie Global Hunger Challenge.

SNAP (food stamp) participation at an all time high. Slightly better, yet still outrageous, are global hunger numbers. People, in case you haven’t noticed, are hungry.

My day job deals with food policy (and hunger). I’ve subjected almost everyone I know (and if I haven’t, your turn is coming) to my rants about food and [...]

Food Stamp Benefits Slashed for Child Nutrition Program.

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One in eight Americans — a record high in both raw numbers and percentage of the population — are on food stamps. Many are recent additions due to the recession. Yet food stamp benefits are being reduced to help pay for other recession-fighting programs and secondary food initiatives.

Colorlines reports that [...]

Skinny People Shop at Whole Foods.

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Researchers at the University of Washington further illustrate the link between poverty and obesity:

The percentage of food shoppers who are obese is almost 10 times higher at low-cost grocery stores compared with upscale markets, a small new study shows.

Researchers say the striking findings underscore poverty [...]