On Cory Booker and Poverty’s Psychic Costs.


Poverty isn’t just economic. It’s existential. [...]

$8 Eggs and the Cost of Food.

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Jane Black wrote a piece recently for the Atlantic discussing the price of eggs at her local farmers market (emphasis mine):

My first instinct was that the egg guy was gouging people, like me, who have enthusiastically embraced efforts to build an alternative to our industrial food system. But it turns out [...]

Famine in the Horn of Africa.

entrance to Dadaab refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya

Between Anderson Cooper, Bono, and the New York Times deigning to (at least briefly) put a story about famine on the front page, it seems the world has finally taken notice of the unfolding disaster in the Horn of Africa.

It is about DAMN time. The [...]

Why Food Aid Still Matters.

In case you weren’t glued the to C-SPAN this week, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture debated and passed its 2012 budget. Its jurisdiction consists mainly of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and several smaller programs.

It was not pretty. Most of the worst amendments failed, but [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: The Return of Baby Doc.

Haiti is struggling to rebuild after last year’s catastrophic earthquake and trying to resolve its national elections, but it was thrown another curveball late this weekend: the return of its corrupt and brutal former dictator, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier. No one seems to know why he’s back — he says he’s there [...]

Reason Is What Separates Us From the Animals.

James McWilliams is spouting nonsense again.

In an earlier piece, McWilliams makes the argument that no matter how meat is raised, eating it is bad – essentially, we should all be vegan. Only, McWilliams dances around his veganism and never unequivocally cops to it. Apparently, being vegan in no way makes you biased [...]

Food Deserts Are Not a Myth.

In his piece for the Root, McWhorter argues that food access is not really a problem, and that it is not related with obesity levels. He gets many things very, very wrong. [...]

I Totally Could Use Some Food Stamps Right Now.

Over at TAP today, I talk about the fine line we want food stamp recipients to walk: We don’t like the idea that they may be “mis-spending” public money on nutrient-poor foods like soda, and we also, according to The Daily Caller, anyway, don’t think they should be spending money on expensive [...]