NPR’s Bilal Qureshi and the writer Joshunda Sanders join G.D. to chop it up about “Selma,” the much-discussed historical drama by the director Ava Duvernay.

In late August, Joel, Jamelle and Gene were all in Ferguson covering the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting for their respective jobs. They compare notes on what they saw and heard and what, if anything, happens next.

Have you ever gotten a Brazilian wax before? Tracy hadn’t either — until last month. She and Nichole compared notes on the proper etiquette/pros and cons of having the hair violently ripped from one’s precious genitals. You can subscribe to  PostBourgie podcasts on iTunes or stream it on your mobile devices via Stitcher.  

Last week, Jamelle, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Channing Kennedy of ColorLines got into a provocative exchange (across several blogs) about the evolving ways Americans think about themselves in relation to racial categories. (The initial post by Jamelle was sparked by a New York Times article that cited a growing number of young Americans eschewing starkly delineated Read More

This week, Monica, Jamelle, Nicole and Joel discuss the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and Amy Chua’s argument for “Chinese  mothering.” Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.) PostBourgie: The Podcast – 14: A Gun in Every Black Pot. Related Links: Read More

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the failed repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the way race informs who does what in football, and Kanye West‘s latest (and his general Kanye-ness). Listen here, or subscribe on iTunes. PostBourgie: The Podcast #13: Kanye West: Mega-Genius of All Times! DADT Repeal Not Dead, Just on Life Support Read More

On this week’s podcast, Nicole, Jamelle, Monica and G.D. sit around an actual dinner table to discuss some depressing new stats about the academic woes of black boys. They also try to make sense of some high-profile attempts to regulate food purchases (including a push to forbade people on government assistance from buying soda, a Read More

Jamelle points out that Obama’s predecessors won re-election despite getting mollywhopped in their midterms. Colorlines’ editor Kai Wright says Obama can still change the state of the union, despite last night’s results. A reminder that Harry Reid won because he’s actually pretty good at what he does — being a politician. Lexington, Kentucky has elected Read More

Apologies for the delay on this week’s podcast. There were a grip of technical issues we had to straighten out. But without further ado… This week, Jamelle, Nicole, Joel and Monica discuss the reaction to Inez Sainz‘s reports of sexual harassment, the surprising D.C. mayoral primary and its implications, and why (or whether) black folks Read More

PostBourgie: The Podcast #9: The Notorious B.M.I. This week, Shani, Jamelle, Monica and Nicole discuss Monica’s controversial post on the body mass index at Feministe, Jamelle’s much-discussed review of Markos Moulitsas‘s book, American Taliban, and then they try to figure out why POTUS’s casual gear is so sorry.