Postbourgie Podcast #12: Black Boy Blues.

On this week’s podcast, Nicole, Jamelle, Monica and G.D. sit around an actual dinner table to discuss some depressing new stats about the academic woes of black boys. They also try to make sense of some high-profile attempts to regulate food purchases (including a push to forbade people on government assistance from buying soda, a San Fran initiative  that prohibits McDonald’s from selling toys in Happy Meals, and concern-trolling over Four Loko.)

Listen to the podcast here on the blog (or subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.)

PostBourgie: The Podcast #12: Black Boy Blues.

New Report on Black Male Achievement Reveals ‘National Catastrophe’ in America, The Council of Great City Schools.
The Intractable Achievement Gap by Jamelle
Drive to Reduce Minority Juvenile Offenders in R.I., Providence Journal
Paycheck Fairness Bill Fails in Senate, WSJ
San Francisco Bans toy in Happy Meals. (Mayor Gavin Newsom vetoed the legislation.)
Banning Soda, Nicole

Green Job Search, Monica’s first cover story for The American Prospect
The Vacancy Crisis, Jamelle’s first print piece for The American Prospect
G.D. runs the New York City Marathon.

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    I think we should always do the podcast around a table, with wine.