PostBourgie Podcast: #10: The Tipping Point.

Apologies for the delay on this week’s podcast. There were a grip of technical issues we had to straighten out. But without further ado…

This week, Jamelle, Nicole, Joel and Monica discuss the reaction to Inez Sainz‘s reports of sexual harassment, the surprising D.C. mayoral primary and its implications, and why (or whether) black folks don’t tip.

(DYK?: Joel was the 1997 grits-eating champion. We major.)

Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.)

PostBourgie: The Podcast – #10: The Tipping Point.

Key Links:

Joel’s post on Inez Sainz and sexual harassment.

Courtland Milloy in WaPo: D.C. election didn’t just unseat abrasive Mayor Fenty. It was a populist revolt.

Adam Serwer compares Vince Gray’s mayoral campaign to the Tea Party movement.

Matt Yglesias’s and Ryan Avent‘s takes on the  D.C Democratic mayoral primary.

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry.

That really stupid post on NewsOne about the psychological reasons why black people supposedly don’t  tip.

How to can your own tomatoes.

The official 2010 Value Voters Summit, and Jamelle’s coverage of same.

“You’re the Best!”

  • Great point about Spanish language TV-it is a cultural misunderstanding to try to compare Inez Sainz and any other Spanish language TV host or celebrity to their American counterparts. If you watch Escandalo or El Gordo y La Flaca or Premier Impacto this week you will get a better idea of what the exact standard is. Latino pre-pubescent teens don’t need porn; they only need to watch the news or the novella with their moms. Women are objectified on Spanish language TV as a cultural norm. Without her beauty, sex appeal, and her provocative work uniform she isn’t in that locker room in the first place.

    In the Latino world this is normalized sexism but here in America this story also smacks of racism in the way Joel described but her being Latina is comparable to an infectious, unstoppable disease as a way of excusing the harassment.

    Great work on this Joel, I really appreciate your perspective and cosign it all. Nailed the pronunciation too. (kind of like Signz)

  • At first i was pretty sure i didn’t agree with the big homie blackink12, but the more I think about it, the more I side with him. Can someone explain why this special exemption re: wages is held out for people in food service?

    (defensive disclaimer: i’m a regular 20% tipper!)

    • Russ
      Doesn’t have more recent developments but it is a real interesting account of how Americans initially reacted to tipping. Also points for early 20th century writers comparing tipping to slavery. All in all very interesting article.

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  • aisha

    My two cents the D.C. mayoral elections. I think that the podcast was really fair and balanced on the subject. I’ve been disgusted at much of the post election opinions that sum up to be “People east of the river are stupid for voting for Gray.” I spent the first 50% of Fenty’s tenure west of the river and the last half east of the river. Now that I’m over east, reality is that I see homicides at least monthly and the unemployment rate is estimated at 25%. So many of my neighbors can’t see the progress in their lives and those around them. People also don’t feel like city services are better. Our trash gets picked up once a week. When I lived Ward 1 my trash was picked up twice a week. I stand in a pile of trash at the bus stop every morning. I’ve called and they won’t put trash cans at the bus stop on that side of the street. People really need to respect that some may not feel as if they saw a change in their quality of life while they watch the quality of life change for others.

  • arieswym

    How much of the dedication is built up for office holders that don’t have term limits? Listening to the mayors that you cite: Marion Barry, Sharpe James. They were in their seats for a long time, longer than the traditional 2 terms for elected executive officials.

    Leading a city (or town or whatever) for so long engenders good will, more than what is developed within the time of 2 terms