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I mean, Conor Friedersdorf is right. Why are conservatives held to a different standard when it comes to issues of race? I just can’t figure out why…

*What the new health care law does right away,  and how it addresses income inequality. (Here’s a calculator to see how it affects you, specifically.) Insurers will probably still try to raise premiums. Republicans said they’d run on repealing the healthcare law, but some of them are getting skittish. Democrats go on the offensive. Jonathan Chait ethers Read More

Over the past week, there have been at least two glorious instances of hilariously racist rhetoric. Last week, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks suggested that African-Americans were better off under slavery, given the abortion rate in black communities. Shani deals with the problems inherent in that argument in her piece for the American Prospect. I’ll just Read More

In the midst of a lengthy Facebook debate about the State of the Union address,  one of my old high school classmates encouraged me to share the following video with my friends. Actually, he said, “This is something every black american needs to know.” We’ll see about that: I don’t know about you, but those Read More

Instead of letting Lindsey Graham prattle on and on about the “sleazy” deals that were made to provide affordable health care for tens of millions of people or very seriously complain about how the legislative process is a “joke,” I would much rather someone ask the good Senator from South Carolina what he meant by Read More

You’ve probably already seen the picture of President Barack Obama eating fried chicken with the caption, “Miscegenation Is a CRIME against American values… Repeal Loving v. Virginia,” that was hastily removed from the Republican National Committee’s Facebook page. In this case — along with the e-mails of watermelons in front of the White House and Read More

In a post called “Penny-Pinching Jews and South Carolina Republicans,” Jeff Goldberg points to an editorial by two South Carolina Republicans defending Sen. Jim DeMint’s opposition to opening the federal spigot for his state. Recently your newspaper published a letter from state Rep. Bakari Sellers attacking U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint and his opposition to congressional Read More

There’s been plenty of fun made on the intertubes of the GOP relaunch of their site. Marc Ambinder gave us 10 reasons why the site was ‘fizzlin’;’ Greg Saunders at The Talent Show rounded up all the banner images, which gives us some insight into the demographics the party is going after; Sam Stein at Read More

(x-posted from U.S. of J. and the League) The whiff of tokenism notwithstanding, I’m actually glad to see that there are credible black Republicans angling for high-level political office.  I’ve long argued that it would be good for black people, and great for the country, if Republicans took the African-American community seriously.  For starters, greater Read More

Today in my office, a pimp and his prostitute came looking for advice on where to score some blow and advice on how to fill out their W-2s. When I told them what they could do, they accused me of encouraging them to engage in public masturbation. I hope Beck and Co. don’t get hold Read More

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