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In the midst of a lengthy Facebook debate about the State of the Union address,  one of my old high school classmates encouraged me to share the following video with my friends.

Actually, he said, “This is something every black american needs to know.”

We’ll see about that:

I don’t know about you, but those were eight of the longest minutes of my life.


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  • Bobby_Black

    This guy sat in a room thinking to himself for a little too long. For me, the way he characterized the democrat and republican parties ideological swap was either ignorant or juvenile. Everyone knows that the agenda of the democratic party of the past is more in line with that of the republicans of today; and visa versa. So pointing out that republicans freed the slaves and that democrats passed the jim crow laws, seems like he was really trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. It really discredited anything else that came out of his mouth, no matter how much common sense it made.

    He’s just a brother who wants to help, but I think he might be too wrapped up in his own thoughts and intro history lessons rather than some analytical thinking on the subject.

  • Dex

    “The right wing loves freedom and peace enough to fight for it.” War is peace. Peace is war. You’ve now entered the irony-free zone.

  • The Pajamas Media logo tells me all I need to know . . . truly, canard-laden right-wing shillery knows no color.

  • PJTV frustrates me for a couple reasons: 1) That they get away with saying utterly illogical, barely coherent, downright incorrect things; and 2) That I know many Americans believe it.

    The strategy is in full effect on Beck’s show too. Basically, they target a Democrat, call him a “liberal” or “leftist” (sidebar-these are very different ideologies and ascriptive identities, yet lumped together frequently by these dudes on the right), then find some other semi-obscure figure in history that-gasp-ALSO identified that SAME way! Ergo, our contemporary Dem is some sort of a eugenicist/evilmonger/whatever. It’s incredibly misleading and unfair (associating two individuals based on their shared label, rather than their actions), yet somehow incredibly persuasive (for some people). Big, deep *sigh*

  • I really, really wish black conservatives would retire this ridiculous line of reasoning. It’s wild condescending: you silly fools! You vote for Democrats because you’ve been misled and don’t know better!

    As long as the Republican Party excuses the blatant and coded racism of its mouthpieces and rides for the policies it rides for, it’s going to have a hard time winning over a large chunk of black voters.

  • R.A.B.

    His only good suggestion is that Republicans should quit whining about fairness seeing as how their party’s own, essential mantra is “get over it.”

  • ACLS

    I gave up at the two minute mark, but I tried! I wonder who they think the audience is for eight minute anti-liberal rants couched in embarrassing hip hop caricatures? (Don’t answer that. I already know. Sigh.)

    • J

      I gave up too. How is it conservatives can ramble so long without once being funny? Intentionally, that is.

  • Guess I saved myself a little over 8 minutes, because I stopped the video at 41 seconds–this guy is is a fool.