Dogwhistling through Megaphones.

I mean, Conor Friedersdorf is right. Why are conservatives held to a different standard when it comes to issues of race? I just can’t figure out why…


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  1. MikeCee says:

    Having to put up with shit like this living in the South is frustrating. Dems don’t compete in any elections down here except for ATL Mayor. They don’t even think about feilding candidates. Chambliss would have lost his seat in 08′ if the Dems would have put up someone remotely qualified. Dems don’t even try in the south, and so guys like Tim James can get away with this shit without consequence.

    I won’t even get into what passes for English in Alabama.

  2. Grump says:

    I want to see what passes for common sense in Alabama

    1. -k- says:

      This might just be it. My non-Alabaman common sense, by contrast, dictates that if people are taking the Alabama licensing test in thirteen languages, the “we speak English” conclusion might be a little–just slightly, now–off base.

  3. Julian says:

    The pause at the end was just stunning.

    1. k.alane says:

      The pause is definitely my favorite part of the commercial.

      1. Fanon says:

        I wondered the same thing. Is he trying to remember his line? Using the bathroom? Suppressing his gag reflex? It’s mystifying.

        1. distance88 says:

          Re: the pause and look-down. I think he was searching for his sense of decency and civility on the ground. Must’ve dropped them or something..

  4. ed says:

    Uh, people, he’s the more moderate candidate in the primary. No kidding. Really.

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