Leftovers: Kinda Like a Big Deal.

*What the new health care law does right away,  and how it addresses income inequality. (Here’s a calculator to see how it affects you, specifically.) Insurers will probably still try to raise premiums. Republicans said they’d run on repealing the healthcare law, but some of them are getting skittish. Democrats go on the offensive. Jonathan Chait ethers Ross Douthat. Hendrik Hertzberg echoes David Frum.

*A good friend just got back from two weeks of volunteering in Haiti, and wasn’t really up for talking about her experience. She did, however, point to this blog as the “one of the most real accounts of what’s going on there.” Check it out.

*Tom Shales doesn’t like Christianne Amanpour‘s selection to head ABC’s Beltway circle-jerk Sunday talker; Adam Serwer deads that real quick.

As with Sonia Sotomayor, no amount of personal excellence can calm certain kinds of skepticism, because the question really comes down to one of resources and tribalist rivalry. Amanpour would be the only woman hosting a Sunday morning show on one of the major three networks, just as Sotomayor became the first Latina on the court. Because of her gender and ethnic background, she is another challenger to a professional space traditionally reserved for white men.

So of course she’s not “objective.” Only white men can be “objective.” Which is how you know “objectivity” in this context is anything but.

*You knew Gilbert Arenas messed up. But wow, did Gil really, really mess up. Still, he’s not the Dickhead of the Day. How the eugenics movement begat marriage counseling. Al Franken, FTW.

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