‘Orange’ Is the New Crack: Two PBers Review the First Season.

They might crack smiles but ain’t a damn thing funny.

Perhaps Biggie and Jigga could trade bars without spoiling your favorite television shows, but we can’t. Not that we spoil everything–we’re admirably vague about the course (if not the culmination) of season one. But otherwise be warned that the below contains spoilers of Netflix’s [...]

Blogging Scandal: Season 2, Ep. 12; “Truth Or Consequences.”

Rally O!

Rally O!

Sorry we’ve been slacking on our recappin’! It won’t happen no more. (Previously.)


One of the problems I’ve had watching Scandal over these many months is that the show seems to be dead-set on giving you anyone to root for. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily; even the most sympathetic [...]

Community: Season 1, Ep. 3 and Ep. 4 – ‘Introduction to Film’ and ‘Social Psychology.’


Considering how self-assured this show became by the end of season one, it’s weird to go back and watch the episodes when they were still finding their voice. I had forgotten how much the “Jeff is trying to sleep with Britta” plot drove the early A-plots. I remember watching the show on the strength of [...]

The Most Random ‘Wire’ Reference Ever.

Who knew? Apparently there’s a lot of overlap between the audiences for “The Wire” and “iCarly.”

h/t Sean @ Melanism.

The Odds Are Stacked Against Us.

In August, as the seventh season of Top Chef wound up, I wrote about how tough things were for chefs who aren’t white and male on the show. So tough that in seven seasons, only one woman and one Vietnamese-American had ever won. In the seventh season, the first African-American chef took [...]

What If Your Turn Never Comes?


I’ve been going back and forth on the final season of Friday Night Lights, the critically acclaimed, if little-watched show about a high school football-obsessed Texas town. As much as I love the show, it can be maddening in its inconsistency to continuity and plausibility. Storylines get dropped unceremoniously or resolved way too neatly [...]

Blogging Mad Men: Season 4, Ep. 10 “F-Bombs, Bitch Slaps & A Chocolate Bunny.”

This week’s recap is by Kristy Wright, who works in public relations in Atlanta. Check out her photography at Shot By Kristy.

Bucking the PB tradition, I have a different title for the Mad Men Episode 10 recap. This recap shall be titled “F-Bombs, Bitch Slaps & A Chocolate Bunny.” Follow me.


Blogging Mad Men: Season 4, Ep. 6, “Waldorf Stories.”

Mad Men episode with Don and company at the CLIO awards airing the same night the Emmys? Thanks for the synchronicity, AMC!