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Perhaps Biggie and Jigga could trade bars without spoiling your favorite television shows, but we can’t. Not that we spoil everything–we’re admirably vague about the course (if not the culmination) of season one. But otherwise be warned that the below contains spoilers of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, which T. and Charity watched in marathon Read More

Rally O! Sorry we’ve been slacking on our recappin’! It won’t happen no more. (Previously.)  Stacia, One of the problems I’ve had watching Scandal over these many months is that the show seems to be dead-set on giving you anyone to root for. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily; even the most sympathetic characters on The Read More

In August, as the seventh season of Top Chef wound up, I wrote about how tough things were for chefs who aren’t white and male on the show. So tough that in seven seasons, only one woman and one Vietnamese-American had ever won. In the seventh season, the first African-American chef took home the top Read More

I’ve been going back and forth on the final season of Friday Night Lights, the critically acclaimed, if little-watched show about a high school football-obsessed Texas town. As much as I love the show, it can be maddening in its inconsistency to continuity and plausibility. Storylines get dropped unceremoniously or resolved way too neatly — Read More

This week’s episode opens with a dream sequence, which are typically annoying, but it was a great way to allow the audience to catch both a glimpse of LaDonna’s missing brother, Daymo, and for us to grasp the kind of stress she’s under. But it’s not just her brother: after a night of haunting dreams Read More

In quadmoniker’s recap of last week’s  episode of Treme she noted that the seemingly crawling pace of the show and its painstaking attention to detail would eventually come to fruition in the form of powerful storylines. “At The Foot of Canal Street” continued in this vein, not only adding another layer to what are becoming Read More