The Most Random ‘Wire’ Reference Ever.

Who knew? Apparently there’s a lot of overlap between the audiences for “The Wire” and “iCarly.”

h/t Sean @ Melanism.



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  • Whichever iCarly writer snuck this in, I salute him/her.

  • blackink12

    Not that I needed more motivation, but *this* might be the clip I needed to start my summer homework assignment of finally watching a full episode (then a full season, then all five seasons) of “The Wire.”

    • lol. really, fam? iCarly is going to be the thing that makes this happen for you?

      (sheeeit. i’ll take it.)

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  • TeeBee

    I actually saw this when it aired for the first time. Watched it with my daughter and lost my mind. She had NO clue why I went bananas. They did that solely for parents of iCarly fans. OAN watched Victorious’ tribute to 80s movie, The Breakfast Club, and loved it as well!