Mad Men, Season 4, Ep.1: Public Relations.

Our constant readers know there are few things we here at PostBourgie look forward to more than a new season of Mad Men, so one can imagine my sigh of contentment on Sunday night sinking once more into that world of sharp suits, cigarette smoke and intrigue.


Blogging Treme: At The Foot of Canal Street.

In quadmoniker’s recap of last week’s episode of Treme she noted that the seemingly crawling pace of the show and its painstaking attention to detail would eventually come to fruition in the form of powerful storylines. “At The Foot of Canal Street” continued in this vein, not [...]

Show Her Your Joystick.

If you think about it, it was bound to happen eventually.

Thanks to the wonder that is the internet there is finally a solution to a seemingly intractable dilemma: should you a) immerse yourself in hardcore online gaming or b) have a sex life? Now [...]

Cracking the Code: How to Train Better Teachers.

Conversations pertaining to the persistent problem of how to increase teacher effectiveness tend to yield more questions than answers. The intuitive strategy of choosing exceptional students and overachievers in the hopes that they will in turn be exceptional teachers sounds right, but doesn’t work. Attributes that are fuzzy and difficult to quantify such as “grit” [...]

TRANSform Me and Performing Gender.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy…for women?

That was my immediate reaction when I happened to see the ad for this while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race 2 ( I don’t care if you judge me, that show is GREAT). TRANSform Me is a makeover show with a twist – transgendered women acting as style [...]

On Creative License and The Hurt Locker.

*For those who are ridiculously late (like myself) and haven’t watched it yet, there are spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Along with the Oscar buzz surrounding The Hurt Locker there has been another conversation taking place – civilian impressions of the film versus those of [...]

Feel It In The One Drop.

We were a few days into February before I even remembered that it is Black History Month, and when I did my first thought was not of Malcolm, Martin or any other typical BHM icon, but Bob. The last time I “did” BHM was back in my undergrad days in Toronto and today the [...]

Good Teaching and True Grit.

In our previous discussions here about how the standard of education provided in America’s public schools might be improved we keep circling back to two issues: teacher quality and effectiveness and their relationship (or non-relationship at present) to teacher tenure. On the surface the matter is simple enough – we need teachers to be effective, [...]