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In the charitable words of the Ying Yang Twinz, it’s the holidays, show a nigga some love: 1. “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” by Lena Horne. (Nicole)

Oh, you’re off from work all of next week? Great. Going home a little early to visit family and friends? That’s fantastic. Already finished your holiday shopping? Well, that’s just so special.

You should definitely share all of that with someone who cares.

For the rest of us schmoes who must trudge into work next week only to deal with endless “out-of-office” e-mail replies and dozens of unreturned phone calls, you should be able to understand that it’s a little hard to get into the holiday spirit right now.

On behalf of my far-flung PostBourgie blogmates, I made plans Saturday to gas up the Altima, head two hours north on Interstate 75 and enjoy an old-fashioned Quran bonfire with Pastor Fu Manchu. Alas, now I’ve got a handful of matches, a taste for flames and nothing to burn. Because Allah knows I’m not driving Read More

Every couple of years or so, we seem to get drawn into national conversation about niggers and niggas – or n-words, if you prefer – and which group of people should and shouldn’t be able to use the word. We’re now a week into this silly debate following Dr. Laura’s racist on-air rant without really Read More

With at least 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches of newborn to care for these days, our blogsister Stacia has a lot on her hands and heart and mind. And because we never miss a chance to do it big when it comes to celebrating milestones – as she once said in advance of Read More

Endless sun. Beautiful, scantily-clad women. Joe’s Stone Crab. David Caruso. If Miami doesn’t have it all, then it’s probably not possible to survive the city that does. Orson Swindle summed it up so well: “Why is this beautiful place also repulsive? Because it’s Miami, that’s why, which somehow always manages to show up to dinner Read More

With today marking the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we decided to go digging through the crates – also, through YouTube and iTunes – for an appropriate way to commemorate the occasion. We weren’t looking for any songs on “Off the Wall” or “Thriller.” And, ugh, certainly nothing from “Invincible.” No, we were looking Read More

To celebrate the start of “that really big sporting event” that Shani mentioned earlier today, we at PostBourgie thought it only appropriate to show y’all that our taste in music occasionally extends beyond our own borders. And we ain’t talking about Kardinal Offishall. Or Shaggy for that matter. We’re truly talking global, family. Because, after Read More

White guys don’t get nearly enough credit for their contributions to Africa America. I’m mostly being serious. We all know – or should know – about John Brown. But what about Henry Moscowitz? Branch Rickey? The white guys who broke bread with Malcolm X in Mecca? Ronald Reagan? Jerry Heller? And President Jimmy Carter, who Read More

I remember the exact day that I met this girl and fell in love with her. She was an original, pure, untampered and down sister. Boy, I tell ya, I miss her. The story goes like this: we used to hang out, I would see her around the way, then she started messing around with Read More