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If you have a mom, are a mom, had one, are married to one or about to become one yourself, then you should appreciate this week’s lineup of songs. And if not, then there’s a problem with you and/or possibly your mama. And yeah, I was talking about yo mama: Mama Got Ass by Juvenile Read More

If you want to know why Stephanie Grace believes colored folks are genetically predisposed to be dumber than your average white person, it’s probably because of this playlist someone found on her iPod and secretly forwarded to the PostBourgie e-mail account. Don’t ask how we got the e-mail. Just know that we got connections. But Read More

Shani-o submitted a fitting tribute to the Good Doctor Dorothy on Tuesday. But we’re not done saluting Dr. Height here at PB because, well, we could never really do enough to honor her or her life’s work. So, that said, here’s our weekly 10: 1. “Freedom” (Theme from “Panther) by All Stars. (slb) 2. “Strange Read More

Frankly, it might help us all if we started to think of Sarah Palin as a washed-up West Coast rap artist. She likes to shoot things. She fetishizes aggressive canines. She hates the East Coast. And she desperately wants to start up a beef with an older, more-established rival that would spark her flagging political Read More

In light of this week’s Jill Scott kerfluffle, we decided to pool our mental resources and come up with a playlist that represent artists’ evolving attitudes about interracial relationships, over the years. What emerged was a sort of “dueling banjos” list, with five songs about interracial love and/or unity and five songs promoting “Black love.” Read More

As mentioned earlier this week, one of our own is embarking on a lifetime of marital bliss this weekend–and because we believe in doin’ it up big here at PB, when it comes to celebrating our own, we’re devoting this Friday’s Random Ten to wedding songs in blackink12’s honor. Below, you’ll find an amalgam of Read More

Apparently, hundreds of thousands of obnoxious and horny college students are about to converge on unsuspecting beach towns around the country to enjoy something regularly referred to as Spring Break. I say it that way because it seems none of us here at PostBourgie ever enjoyed the kind of bacchanalia that lured our classmates to Read More

It’s possible to do bad all by yourself, true. But things can really turn ugly when two or more people are involved. Of course, this thought occurred to me as I watched news coverage of the – allegedly – bipartisan health care reform summit yesterday. Well, to hell with bipartisanship. Sometimes, teamwork can screw things Read More

In case you missed it earlier today, Tiger Woods is so very sorry. Of course he is. But that’s boring. What do you have to apologize for this weekend? I’m going to apologize for admitting the remix to “O Let’s Do It” is not all that bad. Jamelle should apologize for speaking ill of pickles. Read More

For the single and sexless – because those terms can often be mutually exclusive –  this weekend will probably be just like any other, mostly because you were smart enough to avoid being suckered into the Valentine’s Day industrial complex. This deserves praise, not wilting roses or calorie-heavy chocolate kisses. And this is your PostBourgie-approved Read More

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