Are There Any Worthwhile Arguments Against Sagging?


A Facebook friend of mine whom I don’t know at all posted this image. I couldn’t let it slide without saying something – partially for fear that if I didn’t say something, no one in his circle would. [...]

White Woman Wears Afro, Life Changes. Or Something.

There’s a white woman running around New York in a big black afro wig because she thinks it’s teaching her something about herself and the world and how she sees it and how it sees. She blogs about it sometimes on her website, Before and Afro. [...]

Blair Underwood’s Fashion For The Well-Heeled John.

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 1.27.48 PM

I was lamenting to some friends about how gobsmacked I was when I was eyeing this dope suit at Banana Republic. There must be some speculative bubble involving men’s suiting because gotdamn. Sticker shock like a mug.

One friend cheap lasix online

suggested Men’s Wearhouse. (“Don’t hit me,” she said quickly.) I reiterated that I [...]

Not Happy to be Nappy.

Below is a video made by a young woman who is not at all pleased with her natural hair experience.

Some quick thoughts:

-I think there’s a conversation to be had here about the way that natural hair product lines (particularly high priced ones) market their products. How often do you [...]

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h/t Kiana Danielle.

Random Midday Hotness: You in Reverse.

LessGentleMen: You In Reverse from Wale O on Vimeo.

This vid, by the hyper-talented Friend of the Blog AeonRND12 (the MC-beatmaker-photog-etc. who also created the theme to the PostBourgie podcast), features WaleO, himself a hyper-hyphenate (Afrobeat artist-attorney-best-dressed-man-in-America-finalist) engaging in reckless acts of public dandyism.

Photos from the shoot here.


Being Natural in Kentucky.

Louisville, KY

I’ve been meaning to write this entry since a few months after I moved back to Kentucky from Philly, but I guess its better that I didn’t do it so soon. After being natural for two years and spending one of those years in Louisville, KY, I’ve had a lot more time [...]

On Counting “Black” Models

New York Fashion Week is upon us and as much as I look forward to planning my days and nights around pre-selected shows I intend to crash, ogling male models at after-parties, and picking outfits for both it is also the week when I lament most about the lack of “me”-representation on fashion runways and [...]