Student Debt; A Heavier Load for Young Borrowers of Color

Guild Wars 2 Leveling SOURCE: Flickr/Illinois Springfield

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By now, just about everyone knows how far reaching the impact of student debt is. A recent report from Pew found that it now affects 1 in 5 households, but what doesn’t get as reported on as frequently is it’s disproportionate impact on [...]

Random Midday Hotness: ‘Stoops Parks & Rooftops.’

Hey Fam.

Earthquakes, breezy-for-August nights, and a rainy day in DC is more than enough to make me yearn for my borough of Brooklyn. Since I can’t uproot myself from DC just yet, I guess music will have to suffice, so I thought I’d break you off too.

This ain’t new, but it ain’t [...]

Pop Throwup

see 10 min doc here.

From HuffPo:

This addiction to challenges carries over into the album’s production, with the rappers flipping through genres and tempos and verse structures like a veritable Wikipedia of pop music. They each rap entire verses, they battle line-to-line, Jay dips back into double-time, Kanye drawls out words that should [...]

Chomsky: Moral Justice Trumps “Legal” Justice and America’s Narrow Political Spectrum

Okay, so I am not one who can churn out literary reviews well, partially, because I don’t like reading literary reviews. They’re too long. I would much prefer something succinct like: “this book is tight, bam-bam-bam- these are the reasons why… but I am not going to spoil it for you so, the end.”


Tender-headed schools can’t ban cornrows

A London school’s ban on cornrows was ruled “unlawful, indirect racial discrimination which is not justified.” School cited hairstyle promoted “gang” culture…if by “gang” they meant the members of the African Diaspora, I guess they’d be right.

Represent your set.

“X-Men: First Class” Flunkies

Of all the X-men installments from the movie franchise, hands down “X-Men First Class” is its star pupil. It has all the components: vengeance, thrilling action scenes that don’t try to bombard you with all the latest special effects, and quality actors that transform these original 2-D comic book characters into fleshy, multi-faceted beings [...]


Jay Smooth Remembers Nate Dogg.

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In the vid above, Ill Doctrine’s JaySmooth pays tribute to the fallen Nathaniel Hale AKA Nate Dogg– crediting the legendary hip-hop hook-man who succeeded in creating a space for soul to take root between rap verses paving the way for R&B thugs everywhere. However, Smooth’s reverence for the hip-hop’s soulman and [...]