Random Midday Hotness: ‘Stoops Parks & Rooftops.’

Hey Fam.

Earthquakes, breezy-for-August nights, and a rainy day in DC is more than enough to make me yearn for my borough of Brooklyn. Since I can’t uproot myself from DC just yet, I guess music will have to suffice, so I thought I’d break you off too.

This ain’t new, but it ain’t too old either (definitely said that before, it was rainy too); The Stuyvesants “Stoops Parks and Rooftops.”

Enjoy, even if you aren’t from Brooklyn.

Cop the track fo’ free, (with or without third member Naturel’s BK summer inspired rhymes) on the The Stuy’s site


Naima "Nai" Ramos-Chapman is the Associate Editor at Campus Progress, a dancer with Taurus Broadhurst Dance in D.C., and an aspiring visual artist (she doodles). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Naimaramchap.