‘Greene Avenue Anthem.’

Not quite new, not quite old but perfect ish to listen to on a rainy day in BK.

Sample this track dubbed “Greene Ave. Anthem”…rode my bike down that ave all summer…and like the street, the beat ain’t bad to ride to, neither.

For more info on these beatmakers, cop a taste of Brooklyn’s Finest and check out The Stuyvesants on Twitter.


Naima "Nai" Ramos-Chapman is the Associate Editor at Campus Progress, a dancer with Taurus Broadhurst Dance in D.C., and an aspiring visual artist (she doodles). Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Naimaramchap.
  • whoa. thanks for this.

  • Lemu

    They are performing tonight(December 2nd) at Joes Pub in NYC at 11pm. Should be a great set.

  • Naima

    Thanks Lemu for the info, timed post perfectly I suppose :)…will definitely try to hit that up.

  • “perfect for a rainy day in BK”

    Man, you ain’t never lied. I’m really feeling this.

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