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  • R.A.B.

    Yeah, but what’s it look like when the brother ain’t fine and his draws ain’t clean?

  • MH8D

    really? it’s a garter belt for men, designed for the purpose of exposing their asses in public. this sad new development in American culture is abysmally loathsome and fills my soul with rage.

  • Are these endorsed by Ne-Yo?

    • he’s gotta keep his name in the streets somehow.

  • blackink12

    This is what makes everybody happy? Damn. Things done changed.

  • Do. Not. Want.

  • Kevin M. Ross

    At first I was outraged, then I calmed down. The entrepreneur in me said why didn’t I invent that, then the black man in me said Hell no. Then I hoped a black person invented it. Then I wondered who am I to comment on the aesthetics of these young black men. Then I asked what does this (along with visible tattoos) predict about the behavior, values and intelligence of the wearer. Please help me understand.

  • tet ndeti