Blair Underwood’s Fashion For The Well-Heeled John.

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I was lamenting to some friends about how gobsmacked I was when I was eyeing this dope suit at Banana Republic. There must be some speculative bubble involving men’s suiting because gotdamn. Sticker shock like a mug.

One friend

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suggested Men’s Wearhouse. (“Don’t hit me,” she said quickly.) I reiterated that I was trying more for Roger Sterling and less for “megachurch deacon.” Another friend suggested K & G, which I’d never heard of before. A quick perusal of their site revealed that they sold FUBU men’s suits — and by the way, ‘yes’ to everything you’re thinking right now — but also carry Blair Underwood‘s (!) signature line of men’s clothing.

This is how they’ve chosen to market it:

An American celebrity goes to some well-appointed Parisian hangout in which there are lots of beautiful women sipping white wine, but only a few dudes. Everyone seems to recognize him. Everyone has an American accent. There is a Grammy. (Why would there be a Grammy just chilling in this French brothel? Only the swag-deficient concern themselves with such questions.) The celebrity then heads upstairs and overhears The Real Housewives of the Champs-Élysées debating what makes a man sexy. The aforementioned celebrity steps onto a balcony overlooking a green screen when he is hit by a thunderbolt: Be You.

Sure. I opted to go to Zara.

Oh, we’ve asked around and there’s no word yet on the status of Shemar Moore’s line of home furnishings for Target. So.



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  • “The celebrity then heads upstairs and overhears The Real Housewives of the Champs-Élysées debating what makes a man sexy.”

    I laughed SO hard at that line, it wasn’t even cute. That ad was so cheesy, I don’t know who could’ve thought it was a good idea. Why’d they go all the way to Paris to find a room full of chicks from Atlanta?

    • Apparently they went to Paris to shoot this commercial, which is so odd, since you could have used stock footage for the exterior shots and just rented a nice villa in L.A. for the day (especially if you were going to throw up a green-screened Eiffel Tower)!


  • Ike Moses

    I’m dying.

    I think the Grammy is for his participation in the audiobook of An Inconvenient Truth, which still doesn’t explain why it’s chilling in a Parisian brothel, but yeah.

    Also, I like how his designer is just casually sketching on the balcony during this prelude to an orgy.

    • I didn’t know this. wow.

  • Ike Moses

    YO! K&G sells women’s colored denim from the STEVE HARVEY Collection.

    Day is made.

    • T.D. Jakes winter coats — this fall at K&G!

      • Ike Moses

        Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Man Wants You To

  • It is well-documented that handsome black actors who step out of their realm aren’t so successful. May I submit:

    • Stringer Bell is suspiciously unaware of the whereabouts of Wallace, musical notes.

  • “There is a Grammy.” lololol!