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Michelle Obama wears shorts to go hiking in the Grand Canyon. HuffPo asks if it’s appropriate. So, here’s the thing. When we were being subjected to the firestorm over Michelle’s “right to bare arms” (har har har) a few months ago, I had some conflicted feelings. I’m not a terribly conservative dresser, but I know Read More

Chalk this up to male ignorance or whatever, but reading this in a Big Money piece on the dominance of budget-wedding retailer David’s Bridal made me curse out loud: While the recession hasn’t deterred couples from tying the knot, it has shrunken their budgets substantially. The average cost of getting married in the United States Read More

“Why would she concern herself with mainstream designers who don’t even put their clothes on women who look like her in ads or fashion shows?” —  Naomi Campbell on Michelle Obama’s sartorial choices. [via Newsweek via Megan]

Amnau Eele, credited as the co-founder of the Black Artists Association, has made headlines by criticizing Michelle Obama for not wearing any African-American designers during the inauguration in a report to Women’s Wear Daily. This does not mark the first time Eele, a “divination artist” has made headlines with unusual claims.In 2007, Amnau Eele and her Read More

Amid all the praise of First Lady Michelle Obama’s fashion choices for the inaugural festivities, the Black Artists Association is taking her to task for not wearing anything by an African American designer. Cofounder Amnau Eele said Wednesday she will make a formal appeal to the First Lady’s office on behalf of the BAA. “It’s Read More

[via.] Upping that MPG. How much of a roll is your boy Obama on? California has been angling to make cars more efficient for a minute now, and it makes up such a big part of the market for cars that if it set its own (tighter) fuel efficiency standards for cars, it would effectively be Read More