The Life of Jordan Davis.

Here’s Ta-Nehisi on Jordan Davis’ shooting, and his killer escaping punishment — for now at least:

I wish I had something more to say about the fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted for killing a black boy. Except I said it after George Zimmerman was not convicted of killing a black [...]

A Slice for My Toddler, a Reality Check for Me

Treating our hungry toddler to his favorite meal during a four-hour car ride seemed a pretty easy task: Any decent small town off the Saw Mill Parkway had to have a pizza joint, right? So it was that we found ourselves at a spare storefront restaurant in Mount Kisco a few weeks ago.

It was [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: And You Say Chi City.

The Windy City tries to resuscitate the poor, black neighborhoods left vacant by the housing crisis — but at what cost? Before they rose to prominence in Canada’s largest city, the Ford family — which includes embattled Mayor Rob Ford — was deeply immersed in the illegal drug scene, according to an investigation by [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: Down and Out in The Nation’s Wealthiest Black Enclave.

Prince George’s County is a hub of black wealth. But when the housing market cratered, it was not be spared. [...]

Revisiting Real Americas.


Sarah Palin wouldn’t recognize these places. [...]

Don’t Call It a Comeback. (No, Seriously. Don’t.)

After a viagra no prescription

brutal 12 days in which he hemmorhaged his once-considerable national lead, President Obama got some good news: he’s eked out tiny advantages among likely voters in both the ABC/Washington Post and Politico/GWU polls. Here’s the takeaway from the first poll:

Likely voters give Obama the edge [...]

When Most of the Pie Is Not Enough.

Some white respondents to a Tufts study on discrimination apparently read this graph's title as "Career Major League Hits."

A recent Tufts University study found that white folks believe they are more likely to be the victims of racism than Negroes:

Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary [...]

Quote of the Day.

Adam Serwer on this afternoon’s crushing defeat “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal:

More than 60 senators, enough to overcome a filibuster, agreed DADT should end. Military leadership has endorsed repeal. Volumes of empirical evidence, including the Pentagon’s own study and the experiences of the U.S.’s own military allies, show that ending the policy would offer [...]