Little Green.

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Little Green is Walter Mosley’s 12th Easy Rawlins book, and reading it is a bit like watching Scandal – it’s breathless, a little far-fetched, full of strange and unexpected sex, and totally enthralling despite all that. Or maybe because of it. [...]


Manology book cover

Once upon a time, Tyrese Gibson was a master MAN-ipulator who would sneak around behind his girlfriends’ backs in order to whet his ravenous appetite for T&A. If his girlfriends started to suspect anything, he’d turn into a MAN-gician, pulling out all the stops to dazzle himself back into their good [...]

How to Be a Woman.


Chomsky: Moral Justice Trumps “Legal” Justice and America’s Narrow Political Spectrum

Okay, so I am not one who can churn out literary reviews well, partially, because I don’t like reading literary reviews. They’re too long. I would much prefer something succinct like: “this book is tight, bam-bam-bam- these are the reasons why… but I am not going to spoil it for you so, the end.”


Review: American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt.

When people think of slave revolts in United States history, the Nat Turner rebellion is usually what comes to mind. On August 21, 1831, Turner led a group of slaves in a rebellion that resulted in the deaths of almost 60 white men, women, and children. While I don’t remember ever going into much depth [...]

Some Sing, Some Cry

Some Sing, Some Cry is a sweeping family saga that spans seven generations of the Mayfield family. It begins with Ma Bette, the Mayfield matriarch, and her granddaughter Eudora as they leave Sweet Tamarind, the planation where they’ve spent their entire lives, and head to Charleston to begin their lives anew. In [...]

Read This, Before You Suffocate.

In Stores Sept 23 By Riverhead Books.

I first stumbled across Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, when its author, Danielle Evans, a 26-year-old professor of creative writing and literature at American University, wrote two blog posts about MFA programs that were tweeted by a friend of mine, and I found myself saying [...]

Who’s Allowed to Tell the Tale? (And Which Tales Should They Tell?)

There’s a game I like to play when I walk into a bookstore. Based on the the title, cover and store placement I can always interpret the marketing intention for a book meant for a black American audience. The best part of this game is that the books will, typically, fit into the following [...]