So many good things about this video. The best thing, I think, is how Monch & Co shed light on the most important issue regarding police brutality: someone is hurt/killed by the people who are charged to protect them. That individual, immediate crime shouldn’t be forgotten, or made smaller by people who want to jump Read More

What, you don’t think Candyman, directed by a white man, written by a white man, and starring Virginia Madsen, should have a place in the black film canon? Given those facts you may have a decent argument. But! Candyman himself is black, it’s set in the projects, and there are Rottweilers and gang-bangers. Plus, it’s Read More

I first stumbled across Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self,  when its author, Danielle Evans, a 26-year-old professor of creative writing and literature at American University, wrote two blog posts about MFA programs that were tweeted by a friend of mine, and I found myself saying “yes!” multiple times out loud when I read Read More

The conversation last week about Ebonics got me to thinking about Faulkner and James Baldwin, and the way certain dialects in this country get no respect. I’m teaching undergrad creative writing for the first time, and this summer I spent a good amount of time wondering whether I knew enough about writing to provide an Read More

(More fried chicken jokes!) Season 3 of the Boondocks ended on Sunday, and I haven’t heard much chatter round the interwebs about it this week. There’s good reason for that: it wasn’t very good. I’ve had mixed feelings about Aaron McGruder since my former blog-mate saw him give a talk at our Alma Mater in Read More