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A look at how each state voted in the presidential election, based on the income of the voters, via Andrew at FiveThirtyEight: The five income categories I used in the analysis are: 0-20,000; 20-40,000; 40-75,000; 75-150,000; over 150,000. The graphs above show the estimates for the highest, middle, and lowest of these five categories. I Read More

Latoya from Racialicious joins Megan at Jezebel to discuss disparities in the visual coverage of fatalities and an op-ed from Charles Blow, who generalizes his way into an interesting conclusion: Marriage can be a sore subject for black women in general. According to 2007 Census Bureau data, black women are the least likely of all Read More

Obama to Name Cabinet Nominees. Obama is finna formally announce HRC’s nomination to Secretary of State in the next hour, meaning Kevin Drum has to eat his hat.  (The vaguely-superhuman Samantha Power , the Pulitzer-winning foreign policy wonk and close Obama friend who was jettisoned from the Obama campaign for calling HRC a “monster,” is  also Read More

Via Open Left: Most 2007: Lieberman sucks but at least he votes with us sometimes. Dec., 2007: I can’t believe he’s endorsing McCain. Loser. July, 2008:  If he speaks at the RNC then he’s OUT! Sep.,2008:  Traitor! I can’t stand the sight of his smirky little face. Nov., 2008: He must lose his committee chairmanship. Read More

Frank Rich: When David Letterman said that the 10 G.O.P. presidential candidates at an early debate looked like “guys waiting to tee off at a restricted country club,” he was the first to correctly call the election. On Nov. 4, that’s roughly the sole constituency that remained loyal to the party — minus its wealthiest slice, a Read More

The New Yorker has, I assume for a limited time, put on its website a 2004 profile of a young African-American running to represent Illinois in the United States Senate.* I can’t imagine it was more fun to read then than now. Among the highlights: the prescient sentiment of all who had met him that Read More

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