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We’re back and at it again. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 2: “Addicted to Bourgie.” G.D., blackink, and I are joined by special guests, writer and photographer Syreeta McFadden, and Latoya Peterson from Racialicious and Jezebel. We chop it up about Obama’s first State of The Union address, Chris Matthews’ response to the address, and That Read More

John McWhorter writes something that I agree with: Tiger Woods, in designating himself truly a mutt rather than Black By Default, is ahead of the curve. There are those who think he was supposed to declare himself “black” because of how, say, police might see him. But to do that would be to deny that Read More

Much is being made of Michael Luo’s piece in yesterday’s New York Times which explains how simply being black often hurts job seekers: Johnny R. Williams, 30, would appear to be an unlikely person to have to fret about the impact of race on his job search, with companies like JPMorgan Chase and an M.B.A. Read More

1. They couldn’t fill Cramton Auditorium? 2. Apparently, when Michael Steele isn’t being a buffoon talking about “bling,” and hip-hop republicanism, he is the most boring speaker in the world. 3. Shoutout to The Hilltop! 4. Why is it that protesters who are yelling in favor of health care reform are being rude and should Read More

The Times has a long, long profile on Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest advisors during the campaign and who currently serves as a senior advisor in the White House. It begins thus: On Jan. 25, 2008, the day before the South Carolina Democratic primary, Barack Obama endured a grueling succession of campaign events across Read More

There’s a website called helpiranelection.com, and with a single click, you can put a lovely green patina over your Twitter avatar, to show your support the election dissenters in Iran. After seeing a bunch of newly green avatars today, I tweeted this: Um, why weren’t people changing the color of their avatars after the Zimbabwe Read More

In his inaugural column for the Times, Ross Douthat argues that Cheney should have run for president so that America could have had a stouter debate on torture during the campaign.  McCain couldn’t hold the pro-torture platform because he didn’t agree with the Bush/Cheney stand, and so the Bush/Cheney stand and the viability of their Read More

I know, I know: “the work has just begun.” But … am I the only one who stopped reading e-mail from David Plouffe back in September? I got one today from him, asking me to watch this video: Anyway, what’s happening, folks? Got some news? Links? Random insights? Share ’em here.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have apparently ended their engagement: It’s surprising because in an interview just last month with FOX’s Gretta Van Susteren, Bristol said the 19-year-old Levi is a hands-on dad and that they planned on marrying after finishing their education. But in a new interview with Star Magazine, Levi’s sister Mercede Johnston Read More