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  • shani-o

    At first I hated it. Thirty seconds in I loved it. And the cutaway with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick dancing goofily is mad cute. Oh, and the ridiculous CNN Will-ogram fits in perfectly.

  • G.D.

    My favorite part was Kerry Washington.

    (Surprise, surprise.)

  • shani-o

    She was adorable. I love Kerry.

    *waits for Rakia and LF and the rest of the haters/Halle lovers*

  • G.D.


  • ladyfresshh

    Ya’ll rang?

    how’d i get lumped in the hate KW group?

    it’s more the ya’ll hate halle group

    they both pretty and have average talent (though one has won an oscar >digdig<)
    but i’m sure kerry will win one…

    besides i was busy being distracted by a lovely smile at 1:40secs

  • blackink

    I like it a lot better than “Yes We Can.” And I’ve definitely got to co-sign on Kerry Washington.

  • bitchphd

    I like it. But I can’t help but feel like poor Obama, no one could possibly live up to this….