Pragmatism Vs. Symbolism.


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  • shani-o

    “I don’t want to say it was the greatest moment in the history of moments… but… it was the BEST THING EVER!”

    And this is why we love Jay.

    Also: “This was a good but mundane political moment.” This is EXACTLY how I feel.

  • bitchphd

    “By staying home and making more videos.” HA.

    Also, kitty! And crowded bookshelves! Most endearing Jay Smooth video ever?

  • jiovanni

    I love that man. He just makes so much sense.

  • ladyfresshh

    “could turn out well if we put 4 years of work into it”


    i agree PHD with the kitty and crowded bookshelves

    i like jay =)
    *blog crushes*

  • rakia

    As usual, Jay is on point. But what’s up with the cat-petting halfway through? So random.