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Empire is still bringing the heat, continuing to rise in ratings while also delivering serious drama. This week Angela and Terryn dive into the morass that the Lyon clan finds itself in after Boo Boo Kitty’s betrayal.   So Terryn, Empire last left us expecting Andre to have a very ugly, public moment. This week’s episode delivered, Read More

Empire is doing almost inconceivably crazy numbers each week, and it’s become the kind of watercooler show that isn’t supposed to exist any more.  We know we’re jumping into the recap game late on this, but this show is undeniable. Terryn and Ang will be doing the Thursday-morning quarterbacking for the rest of the season. — G.D.  Read More

Miguel’s new song “SimpleThings”, from the soundtrack of Lena Dunham’s Living Single-lite show “Girls”, is EVERYTHING. “I don’t need a model, no I don’t need a debutante…just be a tough act to follow, you know, a free spirit, with a wild heart” G.D. goes in on me about my love of what he believes to be Read More

It’s a Friday in June. My homeboy told me about this one shop in the basement of an apartment building in Alexandria VA that’s supposed to be pretty good. It’s assumed that the only reason a woman, a black woman at that, cuts her hair is because of sickness or sorrow. I am squarely in Read More

For  writers trying to get a book out of themselves November is well known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Many have tried (and failed) to meet the goal of pumping out 50,000 words, but producer/artist Chakka Reeves is looking to change that, at least among her group of friends. I decided to chat with Read More

Anyway, noting the lack of…flavor, shall we say, DopeReads put together its own list of what famous authors were doing before they were writing! Peep game.

This is what you do to prepare for homecoming: Get your hair done. Get your nails done. Shop for clothes. You arrange your hotel room near campus. What you don’t do, however, is plan to see a dead body.

Last Saturday I left my home in bumblef*ck Virginia to participate in the March on Washington Anniversary festivities in DC. I didn’t really know what to expect, outside of there being lots and lots of my people out in the streets, marching for justice and jobs and other important social issues. And while I knew Read More