Random Midday Hotness: Miguel’s ‘SimpleThings.’

Miguel’s new song “SimpleThings”, from the soundtrack of Lena Dunham’s Living Single-lite show “Girls”, is EVERYTHING.
“I don’t need a model, no I don’t need a debutante…just be a tough act to follow, you know, a free spirit, with a wild heart”
G.D. goes in on me about my love of what he believes to be mediocre R&B singers – Lloyd, Miguel, Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino. al., but I think they provide a necessary service in providing work that is sentimental and swoonworthy. It used to be that rough-edged rappers would hop on a track with a R&B dude to do a song ‘for the ladies’, but now it seems that Drake and Future are doing better by doing their crooning in-house. Still, SimpleThings are great because they invoke that feeling of being so into someone that even the smallest things about them make your heart soar. *dreamy sigh*
Also, even though their songs can sometimes border on diabeetus-inducing, most of these R&B cats can *actually* sing. Yeah, Lloyd might have an S-curl and Miguel’s bouffant is better than Janelle Monae’s, but vocally they bring something unique to music and I appreciate their contributions. My friends want explanations for my deep and abiding love for saccharine R&B but I have none. Fight me.


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  • I watch “Girls”: at the ending credits the song “Simple Things played it’s in my YT channel list.