Sing-Alongs Won’t Help Your Racist Bill.

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Via RaceWire, Gov. Jan Brewer released the above video to address the pseudo-controversy over the officials who hadn’t read the law but nevertheless criticized it, like Eric Holder and former Arizona governor and current head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

On the one hand, I’m sympathetic to requiring people to be [...]

Marketing Health.

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The Fooducate Blog breaks down one of the ways in which food companies try to market a product that is fundamentally unhealthy, or at least neutral, with dubious health claims. The product they highlight is Vitamin Water, usually found [...]

Race, Marriage and Economic Mobility.

from Wheelz24, via Creative Commons.

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C.H. at Democracy in America flags a new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts on the effect of marriage on economic mobility for children:

Messrs DeLeire and Lopoo find that marriage has a positive effect on economic mobility for children of all races. [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: She’s Got Legs.

As part of a study conducted over a couple of minutes in the employee cafeteria and during a smoke break in the parking lot, The Washington Post concluded recently that “most women … cross their legs when sitting.”

But Givhan is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Everyone knows that a proper lady crosses her legs at [...]

Professor Denzel and the 30 Second Stare.

Via TNC, Denzel says of the ladies who come to watch August Wilson’s Fences:

“There are all these women coming to see me, to see this actor they like, and I appreciate that,” he said. “But at some shows, women are carrying on and snickering too much. Like at our Mother’s Day performance. Some [...]

Pay What You Can.

Samantha Celera, via Creative Commons.

Lauren Kelley does the math on Panera’s new pay-what you-can experiment:

The company opened a nonprofit “community café” in a suburb of St. Louis, near Panera’s headquarters, that’s different from every restaurant you’ve ever been to. At this restaurant, there are no prices on the [...]

Blogging LOST: The End (Thankfully).

I’m not going to recap the final episode of Lost, scene for scene. If you were invested in the show all six seasons, chances are you watched it last night just like I did. If you were a lapsed viewer who tuned in after years away, just to see how it ended, chances are [...]

Through the Looking Glass With Janelle Monae.

I have a post up at The Atlantic that’s part of a roundtable discussion of Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid with Brentin Mock and Alyssa Rosenberg. While I really enjoyed the album, I had a couple of small critiques of it, and I don’t think it quite merits the universal acclaim it’s getting right now.