“Books Matter. A Lot.”

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Over at the Chronicle of Higher Education blog, a newly completed, decades-long study shows that children who grew up in a home with 500 or more books stay in school three years longer than kids whose parents only had a few books, and that children whose parents have lots of [...]

…Next Week, It’s the Fries.

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the purely conceptual PostBourgie offices in the last few weeks. Shani is heading back to DC next month start a new gig as the associate editor at CampusProgress.org in DC. But also! Jamelle, our resident policy wonk, is heading over to The American Prospect as a writing [...]

Iron Baby.

Checking the Box.

The website RaceBox.org has compiled a list of census forms stretching back to the country’s infancy, and it offers a fascinating look at how ideas about racial classification have evolved over time.









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School Segregation is (Still) Making a Comeback.

It seems that segregation is making it’s way back into New Orleans’ public schools:

Three out of five schools are dominated by minorities with fewer than 30 percent of their attendees being white. Of those schools, 84 percent of them are considered “very high poverty schools,” where more than 75 percent of [...]

When Afrocentric Art Goes Wrong.

Last night, Brokey and I were attempting to one-up each other by pointing out cheesy, hackneyed displays of Afrocentricity. (You know what we mean: that dreadlocked-Jesus-on-the-cross-ass stuff.)

I offered up this. She countered with this. I came back with this. And she came back with …well, see for yourself.

“Wtf is goin [...]

Three Strikes/and You in It for Life/Mandatory.

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Earlier this week, the FBI reported that crime was down across the country last year despite the faltering economy and rising unemployment. Over at TAPPED, Adam Serwer has a post that does a good job explaining why the commonly held idea that prolonged downturns lead [...]

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