PB on the Radio.


Why is the PB fam all over up in your iTunes and your Stitcher, though? [...]

We Major.

PB’s own Jamelle Bouie was named one of the 100 top black influencers you should know by The Root:

As a writing fellow for the American Prospect and the Nation, Bouie analyzes all things politics — from Romney’s foreign policy stance to mass unemployment to whatPresident Barack Obama’s “bounce” in the polls really means. [...]

Meet the New PBers.

(Something like this, but you know. Not wack.)

All, you may have noticed some of us are busy with our day jobs and new babies and posting a lot less here. As much as we hate that, PB has never really put food in our tummies.

To pick up some of the [...]

…Next Week, It’s the Fries.

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the purely conceptual PostBourgie offices in the last few weeks. Shani is heading back to DC next month start a new gig as the associate editor at CampusProgress.org in DC. But also! Jamelle, our resident policy wonk, is heading over to The American Prospect as a writing [...]

Programming Notes.

Jamelle, our resident political wunderkind, is now also blogging at his new digs over at True/Slant.

Brokey McPoverty, our resident jokestress, is now snapping on your uncle’s church suit over at The Urban Daily.

Please make [...]

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: Now With More Wednesday! (And a PBer Jumps the Broom!)

"You rang?"

You’ll notice that the roundup is waaaaay later than normal.That’s because blackink12, our usual roundup guy, is kinda swamped with uber-important life stuff (something about “getting married this weekend…”). So into the breach I step, as your substitute aggregator. But don’t be forgetting yourself and writing all sorts of [...]

Podcast #3: Civics Class is a Year-Long ‘America, F#@K Yeah!’

Did you miss us? Of course you did.

PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 3: “Civics Class is a Year-Long ‘America, F#@K YEAH!’”

Monica, blackink, Jamelle and I discuss Obama’s interminable bipartisan healthcare summit, the race-based fearmongering from anti-choicers, and the David Paterson bombshell (note, we recorded this before he dropped out of the governor’s race). [...]

PostBourgie Podcast #2: Addicted To Bourgie

We’re back and at it again. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 2: “Addicted to Bourgie.”

G.D., blackink, and I are joined by special guests, writer and photographer Syreeta McFadden, and Latoya Peterson from Racialicious and Jezebel. We chop it up about Obama’s first State of The Union address, Chris Matthews’ response to the address, and [...]