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You can watch it right here, via Hulu, at nine. And! You can read mine, Jamelle’s, and Monica’s commentary in a post (it’s going up closer to the start of the address) that will collect our tweetage right here on the blog.

I can’t remember the first person who linked to this blog or shouted out one of our posts. The feeling is a jolt, that fizzy, writerly mixture of pride for being acknowledged and neuroses about whether you just said something really dumb or really poorly. It still feels that way, maybe more so as the Read More

Sorry for the slow updates this week. We’ve all been busy (crack to smoke, chocolate to eat), but we would be remiss in not shouting out the newest member of our squad, blackink. He’s funny and sharp — check out his blog for proof — and his presence here means I won’t be the only Read More

When we started this blog in late ’07, I don’t think we knew what we were getting into. I remember thinking, if we could get just 50 hits a day, I’d be happy. Then we started getting 50. Then 100 became the benchmark. then 500. then 1000. And so on. And then people started shouting Read More

We now have threaded comments, which should make discussions easier to follow.  This lets readers respond directly to the main post, or if they want, the comment they wish to address. (So no more of that ‘@brownsparkle:’ business.)

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