Meet the New PBers.

(Something like this, but you know. Not wack.)

All, you may have noticed some of us are busy with our day jobs and new babies and posting a lot less here. As much as we hate that, PB has never really put food in our tummies.

To pick up some of the slack — and infuse PB with some new voices — we’ve been poking around for some folks to join us as regular contributors. Not surprisingly, there were tons of talented people pretty close by.

Naima a former dancer with the Ailey company with a degree in journalism from Brooklyn College, is an intern at ColorLines this summer. She wrote a post on racial profiling in Brooklyn and put together a video for it, the latter of which we posted on PB.

VC, aka blackscientist, wrote the controversial entry  that became the most popular post in the PB’s history. (Eyonce-Bay and Ocially-say Onservative-Cay Ideology.) She likes to do some serious wrestling in gender theory and identity when she’s not DJing. And not insignificantly, her hair is the shit.

Angela comes to PB via L.A. and the never-updated-no-more ProperTalks, which has been on our blogroll since the last-longest. She’s currently writing her first novel, and is working on her M.F.A. at the prestigious Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop.

The feministtexican is passionate about women’s rights, animal rights, politics, alterna-rock, and pop culture. She’s sardonic, free-wheeling, and apparently, she once drove a truck full of chickens from NY to Michigan overnight. (This story was related by Stacia, her grad school roommate. Like you, we deeply regret that there isn’t more context.)

Nicole, a North Carolina native, has been lurking at PB for a minute, and works on food policy issues in D.C. She’ll talk your ear off about farmers’ markets and the finer points of white peaches if you let her.

Lastly, Avon Snarksdale is a New York City-based writer who wants to stretch his writerly legs doing this blogging thing he’s been hearing so much about.

Show the rookies some love! (And remember, they have to carry your duffel bags.)

  • Scipio Africanus

    How did I miss the Put A Ring On It Post, almost 2 years ago?

    • oh, man. that post…lol it was driving traffic to PB for months. MONTHS.

  • Very exciting news, I’m looking forward to reading!

  • Leigh

    Welcome All!!

  • Yay new bloggers! Such a beautiful growing family. ::Sniff.::