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I’m a little late to the party on this, but it’s been many o’ year since I had a TV and longer still since I’ve paid for cable. Normally, I don’t mind waiting a day, but my twitter timeline was full of Mad Men finale spoilers this morning. In this case, I expected some ridiculously Read More

Apologies for the lateness of the recap- I had to watch this one again. This episode begins to hit the crescendo of the story arc for the whole season: Don’s self destruction.  The real world keeps intervening on the neat little life he constructed.  Anna dies.  His assumed identity costs SCDP a major client, at Read More

I have a hard time when television shows throw in a death to serve as the episode’s conflict. On a show like Lost — before it got horrible — death served to keep the show honest: you couldn’t be terrified of the island as a viewer without the consequences feeling real for the characters. (That, incidentally, is Read More

Oh Peggy.  Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. You know it’s a good episode when Ida Blankenship‘s zingy racist one-liner (“If I wanted to see two Negros fight, I’d throw a dollar bill out of my window”) is the least interesting thing that happens. Don’s alcoholism is getting to be a bit tiring, so I appreciate Matthew Weiner Read More

So, I’m guest blogging at Feministe right now and, in my first post, I pointed out how annoyed I get about the sexual double-standard when we talk about kids exploring their sexuality for the first time. When boys start to masturbate, it’s just natural; when girls do it, it must be a sign of abuse. Read More

The story lines of rejection this week are two-fold. The first describes Pete Campbell’s inability to reject his father-in-law’s business, partly because he worked really hard to get the account and partly because his wife’s dad ruins her surprise that she’s pregnant. But that’s a minor hitch soon overcome, Pete uses it to leverage even Read More