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Last year, G.D. and I disagreed on how the Drapers judged the quality of their marriage. He called it objectively bad and thought both viewed getting out as a blessing.  But I thought the Drapers, or  at least Don, wouldn’t necessarily have thought of marriage in the same way we would today. For Don, marriage Read More

Our constant readers know there are few things we here at PostBourgie look forward to more than a new season of Mad Men, so one can imagine my sigh of contentment on Sunday night sinking once more into that world of sharp suits, cigarette smoke and intrigue.

Sadly, I’ve no time for the usual overlong ruminations on every awesome little detail of this week’s Mad Men. I can only hit the major highlights and leave the rest up to you. Here goes:

Is Betty Draper an annoying character being played well by a really good actor, a well-written character being played by an annoying actor, or a really annoying character being played by a really annoying actor? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Awwwww, Sal. We knew Sal was probably a goner as soon as we saw Don peak in on Sal and the bellhop, but it still seems more than cruel for Sal to get an unexpected hit on from a handsome direction and then have it turn on him. Still, that’s probably the way it would Read More

As usual there are so many things to get into, but I just have to say GO BETTY!!! She was gone for a while, but the the girl is definitely back  and I like it.  It was strange territory to be in starting from last week – I had gotten so used to Betty’s snivelling Read More

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