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There will be blood…and Barbies that rise from the dead. Any sense one may have had of a lull in the action was obliterated by this week’s episode of Mad Men. But beyond the shock of office lawn- mower maimings the episode was a study in irony and disorder, some of it humorous (starting with Read More

Late, rather than never, here’s a few thoughts on last Sunday’s Mad Men. In a conversation with G.D. earlier this week, I said that I didn’t really care for this episode, overall, despite it having really great moments. I’ll stand by that in this write-up. First for the things I didn’t like: Peggy’s conversation with Read More

First things first: Poor Kitty. For me, scenes that showcase the Sal-Kitty union are among the saddest the series has to offer. I’ve spent two seasons wondering just how aware Kitty was of Sal’s orientation. I always speculated she’d gone semi-willingly into this marriage, with her eyes at least half-open. Maybe she was on a Read More

We get another very strong episode this week — maybe the best one ever. A strange man flirts with Betty, and Betty, um, flirts back. Sally gets her klepto on. Pete and Trudy get their jig on something serious. And nobody likes Jane. And that’s not even the really meaty stuff.

This isn’t terribly original, but Peggy’s my favorite character. And because this episode was fairly Peggy-centric, it was my favorite installment in some time. There are several perfect Peggy moments in this episode: the sorta sad singing in the mirror, “We can do other things” and the most important, when she blurts out to that Read More

[from feministdonut, cross-posted from The Feminist Texican.] Over the past month or so, I’ve been seeing all kinds of articles on what a feminist show this is.  Much as I lovelovelove the show (”Mad Men” and “Project Runway” are pretty much the only times I turn on the TV each week), every time I read Read More

Don Draper has turned lying into high art, flitting between falsehood and sincerity so quickly that it’s hard to tell it’s happening, or even if he knows he’s doing it.

Friends of the blog Jeremy Levine and Latoya Peterson are both winding their ways through the second season of Mad Men, ahead of the coming third season premiere. (It’s about  time, y’all.) There are articles clogging up my reader ahead of the show, so I’m feeling the media crush to the premiere even though I Read More

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