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Life After Church is a recurring PostBourgie feature, in which PB’s writers discuss their evolving ideas about faith and religion. (See previous entries in this series from Stacia here and here, from Monica here,  from Alisa here, and from Shani here.) Sean Campbell is a friend of the blog, and blogs at his own site, Read More

  “I was born secular and inconsolable.” –– Jenny Lewis My parents fell down on the job.  Both were marched into church relentlessly as children, Sunday after Sunday; mother Catholic-christened Methodist-practicing in Kingston, JA, father Baptist in “real” Virginia.   My mother did teach me to pray.  Not because she really believed the words, but because Read More

(a continuation of the series started by slb and quadmoniker) I’m a heathen. My schoolmates’ word, not mine. While they would file out for Ash Wednesday mass and other religious observances I would sit in the classroom with the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses to “do something constructive”. I am the only person in Read More

(To read the first installment, written by slb, go here.) The town in which I was born and raised, Clinton, Arkansas, is deep in the sparsely populated Ozark Mountains in the Bible Belt. Both of my parents were born there as well, but spent some of their childhoods in different states. My father’s parents were Read More

I don’t feel like a fundamentalist. I don’t self-identify as evangelical. But I grew up spending at least two days a week in the church where my mother and stepfather served as associate ministers. Our church was predominantly Black. The brick building had a blue awning that read, The Power of Faith Evangelistic Ministries. It Read More