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I’ve been going back and forth on the final season of Friday Night Lights, the critically acclaimed, if little-watched show about a high school football-obsessed Texas town. As much as I love the show, it can be maddening in its inconsistency to continuity and plausibility. Storylines get dropped unceremoniously or resolved way too neatly — Read More

Via Jamilah King at ColorLines, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi has decided to suspend the sentences of Jamie and Gladys Scott, two women who were sentenced to life in prison for an armed robbery in 1994. Their release is contingent upon Gladys Scott giving a kidney to her sick sister, which she has already said Read More

Last year, I wrote about a dress code Morehouse attempted to enforce that banned naughty t-shirts, jeans at fancy events, and “clothing associated with women’s garb (for example, dresses, tunics, purses, handbags, pumps, wigs, make-up, etc.).” Aliya S. King’s recent story for Vibe picks up where my annoyance left off, and she speaks to several Read More

Cross-posted at Campus Progress. The online dating site OkCupid has released its latest OKTrends study of its users, this time focusing on what people of different racial groups like. By poring over the profiles of more than 500,000 users, they aggregated key words and phrases, then grouped them by the self-identified race of each user. Read More

So, I’m guest blogging at Feministe right now and, in my first post, I pointed out how annoyed I get about the sexual double-standard when we talk about kids exploring their sexuality for the first time. When boys start to masturbate, it’s just natural; when girls do it, it must be a sign of abuse. Read More

At Colorlines (which has become one of my go-to sources for news, and it should be one of yours), Jamilah King posts about the backlash to this picture of two young men. She quotes Rod 2.0, who writes: The image was snapped of two young men apparently on Atlanta’s MARTA and the Twitpic is entitled Read More

Crossposted from TAPPED. On Tuesday, I wrote about President Obama’s visit to The View today and suggested he bring up his new initiative to fight the HIV/AIDS in the black community. But as I predicted, Obama did not mention it, nor did he confront host Sherri Shepherd for blaming high rates of HIV/AIDS in the black Read More

[cross-posted from TAPPED] Via a tweet from Matt Yglesias, we noticed something odd about the new Washington Post Post Politics authors page. Out of 27 total columnists and reporters, three are black men and three are white women. The rest are white men. And if you don’t scroll past the fold, white men are all Read More

Over at Salon’s Broadsheet, Sara Libby – a Friend of the Blog — takes a critical look at the whiteness and maleness of the new pundit class: What bothered me about Calderone’s ranting wasn’t so much whether any of these young men deserved to break into these famously stodgy, old-school institutions — I find all their Read More

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