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(x-posted from Our Affirming Black and Brown Fatherhood Series has gotten such great response this week that we’re adding a second featured unmarried dad today. This is Stefan Malliet, a 32-year-old Brooklyn native and father to three-year-old son Kyle. We were struck by Stefan’s candor and insights, particularly as it relates to his rocky road toward harmonious Read More

Refer to the woman who has carried your child to term as ‘the mother of my child’, no-one bats an eyelid. Refer to her as ‘my baby-mama’ and folks bristle. Why would you call her such a thing? At root is a question over what it means — to use an antiquated, sexist, phraseology – to make an honest woman of her.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, wwe asked folks on the Twitters about the sordid details of their mothers’ pasts that they only discovered as they got older.

Cross-posted from Don’t Cross The Streams Even before Cindy and I were married, I joked how I would side-eye anyone who gave our future child anything with a monkey on it. The first image that would pop in my head is the “That’s Racist” animated gif. Now that we have a baby boy on the Read More

When we found out Cindy was pregnant, I was thrilled. I think I actually threw my arms in the air before I hugged her. We had suspected for at least a week before she actually took the test. I wasn’t scared (at least not yet).

(x-posted from I don’t know why other women do it. I can’t say what keeps them out of the pharmacy within 120 hours of conception. I don’t know why they don’t choose the clinic? It’s unclear what makes them believe: in the strength of their relationships, in their capacity for quick maturation or increased Read More

(cross-posted from slb’s blog) And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? — Matthew 7:3 Last night, a woman cradled her abdomen and revealed the life growing there, as vibrant and as certain as the crimson of her Lanvin gown. Read More

In a thoughtful, very candid post, TNC talks about how Kenyatta, his partner, came very close to dying after giving birth to their son. Peripartum cardiomyopathy, the disease that led to congestive heart failure, is rare and lethal. It kills women. And no one knows why. Kenyatta was lucky. She didn’t need a new heart. Read More

On Saturday, Monica, Jamelle and I had the honor of seeing Gabriel Arana, their colleague at The American Prospect, marry his longtime partner, Michael Collis. It was a beautiful, elegant ceremony — and also fun as hell. Ideally, one of us would say something insightful and poignant here, but we’d be hard-pressed to match the Read More

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