The Arc Of The Moral Universe Is Long, So Bend That Thang Over And Shake It Down To The Floor.

Martin Luther the Kang would have been 85 today — his Chad Johnson year, if you will. For some people (apparently a whole grip of some people) this turns their thoughts to listening to Future and drinking Ciroc. [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: And You Say Chi City.

The Windy City tries to resuscitate the poor, black neighborhoods left vacant by the housing crisis — but at what cost? Before they rose to prominence in Canada’s largest city, the Ford family — which includes embattled Mayor Rob Ford — was deeply immersed in the illegal drug scene, according to an investigation by [...]

Revisiting Real Americas.


Sarah Palin wouldn’t recognize these places. [...]

“X-Men: First Class” Flunkies

Of all the X-men installments from the movie franchise, hands down “X-Men First Class” is its star pupil. It has all the components: vengeance, thrilling action scenes that don’t try to bombard you with all the latest special effects, and quality actors that transform these original 2-D comic book characters into fleshy, multi-faceted beings [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Yep, We Still Here.

NYC real estate is no joke. So with the Rapture supposed to go down last Saturday, I was scheming on a more spacious new crib from which to ride out the Tribulation. Alas, it looks like I’ll have to wait for October, at least.

In the interim, let’s get caught [...]

Prop 8 Overturned.

Los Angeles Times:

A federal judge in San Francisco decided today that gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, striking down Proposition 8, the voter approved ballot measure that banned same-sex unions.

U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker said Proposition 8, passed by voters in November 2008, violated the federal constitutional [...]

Bitter Fruit

Before Monday, I can’t say that I knew much – if anything – about Jeffrey Lord. I was probably better off, considering his online column posted yesterday morning at The American Spectator about Shirley Sherrod was breathtaking in its ignorance and shamelessness.

Lord essentially called Sherrod a liar for using the word “lynch” to [...]

Remembering Malcolm

In my more militant youth, I used to argue that May 19 should have been a national holiday. And if it couldn’t be one, then at the least I could sacrifice a day of school or work to commemorate Malcolm X’s birthday.

In retrospect, that was stupid (maybe immature is the better word) because [...]